Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Made Two Important Decisions!

         I know this is another podcast post. I am sorry about that! Anyways I try to limit down but this is definitely important to make this entirely clear to you guys that I have decided to not have anyone cover Big Brother Canada and also Big Brother US. This is definitely not an easy decision to make with the recent stuff going on with Chris B On The Web I am pretty much happier on my own with doing the podcast with some help from Larry on basically decision making with the podcast.  I mean not just one decision but two of them I have made with the podcast come 2020 when we hit the New Year there is a couple of things I am making changes to and here are there:

     1) The first thing on my list is obviously the transition between the seasons and the off season. Now like I said I do not know when Survivor 40 or Big Brother Canada 8 is scheduled to start but I am guessing towards the end of February so I am planning to do off season podcasts maybe every second week or depending how things are but toward the start of January I will start recording some and put them up for you guys so there will be content but every second week will be indeed be content coming your way either way. 

     2) The second important thing I would like to say to you guys is that I will not be bringing anyone on for Big Brother Canada, Season 8 nor Big Brother 22 as with the recent things going on CBOTW which I will not discuss but as you all know I am back to solo which is the original plan I had back in 2017 when Justin and I came to an mutual agreement that it is indeed better for me to go do my own thing and even someone else mention that and since going back to it only being me with still doing a collabs with Larry but nothing is going to be changed whatsoever. 

           There is the plan or the decision and I have to this time around stick to it and not go back on my own word. I need to stick to it and keep to my entire word this time around as I should by now what works and doesn't work for me. I will make this entirely clear. My website is about me. There will be no team in the very nearby future as I am very much doing fine on my own and I admit it was a mistake and we all make mistakes and I am 150% this is the best decision for me and no regrets making this move at the last second and it will definitely will help me down the road in the long run.


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