Monday, October 28, 2019

Everything About Reality TV Podcast Has Become Stable Again...

              I know over the last 6 months it hasn't been an easy time for me with this podcast and I have contemplated quitting the podcast and moving on with the website and focus on the other 2 podcasts I am involved with but things change very quickly with this podcast as I got some information from one of my former staff from the beginning when I started this media journey back in 2005 (Eric) as I am not afraid to say who it is and he is considered my information source everything "Reality TV" related when it comes to the shows I cover especially. What information did he give me? That they are already casting for 2 of the shows that I cover on the podcast which one of them is Survivor as they have already started casting for Seasons 41 and 42 which means, this podcast ain't going far and to be honest there is a few things that makes this official as 1) They are confirmed to film in Fiji up to season 42 and the fact the resort is booked which you can checkout the link here and it is where it is and they have a pretty good source on everything that comes to Survivor. Also here is the article here for the casting season 41 and 42   So you see what I mean this show isn't going anywhere anytime soon which means "Everything About Reality TV" Podcast isn't going anywhere for now. Now the second show I mentioned is Amazing Race and I do not have a specific link as I have looked it up and nothing but I trust Eric's word that he wouldn't be lying to me but they are already casting Season 33 for the next Season of Amazing Race. 

               Either way Everything About Reality TV isn't going anywhere at least for the next 1.5 years at the moment and I know back in the spring things were a bit shaky however all of that has changed now and I was at least looking at until Fall 2020 then deciding but I can expect my podcast to be around for another year and a half honestly. It isn't over till it is over and were coming back with even more seasons. I can say officially say now that I am planning on reaching my goal of 15 Seasons of the podcast and beyond would be definitely nice to be running the podcast for 15 amazing seasons and getting close to that point too! I am definitely gotten more pumped up and excited and that passion is definitely back and so ready to go. Anyways that is why I made this post and excited to see what the future brings for this Podcast and I am ready to bring in new seasons. I am planning on a small break in December after the 12th season is complete. Anyways that is my post for today and this podcast has become stable once again and I raring to go with the future of the podcast and we're not done yet! 


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