Sunday, October 27, 2019

Royal Winter Fair 2019- No Media Pass

             Obviously this isn't the greatest news I wanted to give you guys but this year I am not getting a media pass as they didn't get back to me in time but also my fault for putting off getting the Royal Winter Fair planning and what day I was planning to go so it is majority of my own fault as I should of done this on September and is the best time to get my name in there. So there will be no be no blog post this year and it is unfortunate that I will not be doing a post for you guys this year. I feel so bad for you guys that I will not be releasing anything on here but I will still be going one way or another this year so I will not have my fancy badge on me saying im Media so this means I will be taking no notes whatsoever which is a disappointment honestly for me. However I will figure something out for next weekend and what to bring out. Next year I need to get ahead of myself and plan ahead especially for an event like this it does take a bit of planning to get myself ready for the event. So 2020 I am going to be changing things up and planning ahead and I am going to start working on the events list for 2020 this week at some point.

               Like I said I will be there and taking a few selfies and pics here and there but not as many as I have in the past as I just do not want to get into too much trouble but you can expect a few pics on the Instagram page but again not too many with some of them on Instagram. So I apologize for the lateness of the post but there is no post this year and this is the first time in years I have not made a post about the Royal Winter Fair but there is always next year for me to do a post at next years Royal Winter Fair but excited to be just going for the fun of it and have no work involved this time around so that will be definitely a nice change but if you guys see me feel free to say hello cause you cannot miss me honestly haha! Either way I am excited to be going and getting away from my studio for the day. 


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