Monday, May 17, 2021

Feeling Some Positive Vibes With Being Done before Thursday!

                Feeling some positive vibes with being done with Power Rangers Podcast before Thursday! I am on a great trajectory to actually being done before Thursday, before we actually get to recording this podcast. I am feeling good that things are flowing very well right now and I made the right choice to end Reality TV Podcasting and to focus on these two projects that I have.  I do not think the team I had with my last podcast wasn't committed so what I am doing now is a lot better. I am a one man show. Anyways I am getting off track of this post. I feel really good and I can be honest, I would like to get up to EP # 30 by the end of the day this way tomorrow this leaves me to 8 episodes tomorrow, then edit the notes then send it over to my right hand man aka Mr. Larry Rieck. I do not know why I call him that over the years of doing this podcast. It seems to have just stuck all this time I guess. Either way you will see a podcast on the scheduled day which is Wednesday, June 2nd, 2021 the day before the Anniversary so we are on a good role right now and have to continue on with this great run. 

                Sounding like we are on schedule to be all caught up with this podcast by the end of July which at that time, Larry and I will be on a yes again a break but for only 2 months this time as it will be a regular break this time around and when we return with Operation Overdrive and Jungle Fury then 2 months later RPM and Samurai then 2022 we should be on a more regular schedule. I know I wavered on recording this week but I have decided to make an effort to get the recording done and over with so we remain on the right schedule. So there is the update on the podcast and I know I have been quiet or "Radio Silent" on updates on this project but now you know what the timetable is moving forward and I will probably announce on social media with a picture of the notes that will tell you its done and we're officially moving forward with recording Thursday and not looking back on the decision to not record as I want to stay on track with this project.


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