Thursday, October 7, 2021

The Binding of Isaac Rebirth and Minecraft Updates!

               It is time for another update in the gaming world and I wanna start with The Binding of Isaac. Well the good news well sort of good news, I almost beat the level with the explosion shots challenge, however the bad news is I ended up dying so that didn't work out too well but getting there and every time I get close every time and there will be a point where I will get it and end up beating it entirely just gotta keep trying till I do if it takes me 1000 times to beat it then so be it, I will not stop till I 100% the entire game even if it takes me 30 more years I will continue on with the game as there is at least 100 + more things to unlock and in time I will get it and I think its more like 300 - 500 things to unlock but every victory has unlocked something at least and its a step in the right direction.

              Now to the Minecraft updates, I have been living on the road lately since I changed the house and added lighting into the two main buildings in the front which are now lit right up and are active. However since then I have been on the road a ton, I took to the rails and lived in the wooden house on an island that isn't actually home to find that I actually built a railway further it is just not powered currently and remains abandoned and not used at this time. I plan to use it down the road but when is the question to be honest. Now I went down the line where there is only one way route as there is 3 routes  you can go as there is no 4th route right now due to the fact the Office Building is currently in the way at this moment and no matter what I probably will not add a 4th. Anyways down the 3rd line out of the 3, I started to put covered tunnels in the snowy biomes area and this is still an ongoing project at this moment and I will get to it at some point as that is a very long line and I have to stop and go in areas and building takes a bit of time to do. Anyways those are my updates and enjoy the rest of your Thursday and I will talk to you guys tomorrow. 


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