Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Happy Gilmore Movie Review

                Since this movie actually makes the top of my list it is time for a movie review here on the blog today. This is indeed still the top of my list favorite movies of all times and always will be at the top of my list and to be honest, I do not think it'll change anytime soon. The movie stars, Adam Sandler, Christopher McDonald and pile of other amazing actors including the long time former host of The Price is Right, Bob Barker who is pretty much an idol to me as I have been watching him since I was younger thanks to my grandpa who introduced me to the show back growing up. I do not need to go into much detail but pretty much the movie is about Happy Gilmore who wanted to play hockey turned into a pro golfer. Now mind you there is a ton of cursing in it and you can imagine how many bleeps there would be if they'd had to bleep it out... LOL! 

                   Anyways, getting way off topic to be honest, the movie has its moments of Happy Gilmore cursing and even at the golf ball. To him fighting Bob Barker and the The Price is Wrong Bob (which has an explicit) I added Bob to keep this blog appropriate. Also to this day it is still an iconic scene from the movie and remains that for a 90's movie. Another point I would like to make is the scene with him and that stinkin clown scene where he wacks the clowns nose off at the end was another great scene. However the scene that beats em all is when he beats Shooter McGavin and the look on his face was absolutely priceless! Anyways this movie gets 20 out of 20 as it is such an amazing movie and if you haven't seen it, I'd recommend you guys to see it. I could watch it over and over again. That is my post for today, hope you guys enjoyed it and I will talk to you guys tomorrow. 



Trouble # 2 said...

Definitely a great movie. Full of laughs and it does not get boring watching it over and over again.

Trouble # 2 said...
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