Thursday, December 2, 2021

I'm Pushing It!

             I am really pushing RPM to be done in 2 weeks from now. Time is ticking and hoping Larry gets the notes in time or we may be putting it on hold till January. However I am not going to role over and die that easily. Everyday I fight the good fight and going to continue to keep on fighting to the bitter end. I do not want to end up waiting till January as right now we have a podcast set for January. So we do not need a backed up schedule like this year has been. Been going forward and we are so close to the end game too! I mean not the end game for the collaboration podcast, that is nowhere near finished we are schedule to the end of 2023 right now and I can confirm it and not sure how we'll be by 2023. But the focus is on RPM right now and editing the collab as well. So much going on right now but I'm going to keep pushing and hopefully can get a collab down by end of the week so I can release it next week for you guys. I am ready for things to settle down but between Christmas and New Years, I'm sure I'll be working throughout the holidays and looks like I'll be working on Samurai and Super Samurai which has to be all done by end of January and I know it will plus editing and this special episode of the collab. Larry puts all of this on me but he motivates me to keep going with it. Least by end of February, I will be resting from recording for a few months on the collab. I just gotta keep pushing forward with all podcasts. I am taking Sunday off since it's my birthday but it will be pushing it. Here is my plan:

December 10th, 2021: RPM done and sent to Larry.

December 10th, 2021 - ????: Edit Operation Overdrive and Jungle Fury

December 15th, 2021 - January 31st, 2022: Samurai and Super Samurai, watch and take notes; type up notes.

To Be Decided" Finish up Entertainment Man Podcast 2022 at some point.

            There is my timeline and not staying optimistic with this but all I can do is keep pushing forward and get one thing done. One step at a time pretty much.  That is my post for today and I will talk to you all on tomorrow's post. 


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