Friday, December 3, 2021

End of The Week Updates [12-03-2021]

                  Well another week has come to an end and time for another end of the week, weekly update of what has transpired this week. As you guys know, Alexandra has taken over the role of website admin since someone decided to walk out after blocking me all over social media. That is besides the point but we've both been busy adding some more amazing things to the list. Anyways here are the updates:

Website & Social Media Christmas Banners: No ETA on that as of yet and hopefully by end of the week on the end of the week updates. Hopefully we can get them up soon for the Christmas holidays soon. Alexandra is working on designs. Give her the next week on that.

Website: Alexandra has put the On Demand Feature back in the last few days. This will not be active with the drop down till sometime in January 2022 once we determine what you guys want and there has been a poll circulating all over the internet thanks to my site admin and I said that in a sarcastic way and she knows that, haha.

Entertainment Man Podcast: Just finished off the Bonus episode which was released yesterday afternoon hence our busy social media post but late last night I was up late working which I haven't done in weeks now as I have been sleeping like a normal person but now revert up to being back up late but this Sunday's episode is now edited and ready to go. An announcement is going to be happening soon, maybe next week about this podcast with the return to a platform this podcast was on.

Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast: Working on Power Rangers RPM like my life depended on it. I wanna get it done before Friday of next week and get it sent out to him. It is do or die right now for both of us to stay on the right track. After that then I take a tiny break from watching then will start Samurai and Super Samurai. Between probably edit a bit on episodes and prepare that special podcast for January. We are remaining silent what it is till we actually sit down and record it through Skype.

Studio Update: Studio remains shut as cases gone up a bit but there is a surprise coming to you guys on December 19th, 2021. However Larry and I are committed to this podcast even if we have to record through Skype for another full year till we are clear to have him back in studio then so be it but we are still aiming for April at this point but no guarantees. 

                  That is the updates for the end of the week, a lot went on or transpired as I said.  A lot of moving parts to actually get stuff done and rolled out in content. I know there is a mess with the collab especially being backlogged and two episodes need to be edited too. Might end up with a entire new schedule and just scrap the original schedule cause I messed up with priorities. Anyways that is my post, have a good weekend and I will talk to you all Monday.


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