Friday, April 8, 2022

End of The Week Updates [04-08-2022]

                   Another week is done and here are the updates for this week and there is a bit more then last week in updates but here they are:

Website: Added a ChrisBOnTheWeb YouTube channel as you all know and it has been added to under On Demand. Also with the Power Rangers Collab moved from Archives over to the Podcasts (Audio) tab, views definitely went up again. So we made some moves in the last week and a half. Help chat is now called "Support Chat" as both Chloe and I feel it was better to call it that name. 

Entertainment Man Podcast: Will be a busy weekend with recording 2 interviews for this weekend and the following weekend which works out perfect as a week from now it will be Easter Weekend so it clears my schedule for the weekend. I probably will not be taking interviews till Easter Monday as I will be busy with family over that weekend. 

Power Rangers Collab: There has been rumors and speculations of Power Rangers Collab returning as I said above it was pushed back under Podcasts (Audio) cause of yesterday night Larry and I recorded the podcast, yep we're back in the saddle again and starting to work on Super Samurai Tuesday and hope to have it done before Easter Weekend which I will talk about on a post on Monday as Tuesday we have a  special post coming from Amy, Executive Producer/Host of The After Show With Amy F.

                 Those are the updates for this week, hope you all have a wonderful weekend and I will speak to you guys on Monday with a special post statement on next week's post and let's just say it'll be an shorten week for us here at ChrisBOnTheWeb. 


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