Wednesday, June 29, 2022

ChrisBOnTheWeb YouTube Channel Chat...

              I know things have been up in the air with the lack of streams my computer being a pain in the butt recently, streams have suddenly disappeared. Last stream I did was a week and a half ago. That is the last known stream that I did. Now I am not giving up on streaming, not yet, but right now I have taken a step back from streaming at this moment. I am trying to speed the computer up till I get this new PC which I am getting close to it and which means better streams and what not. So now this leaves that channel empty and unused but recently I've uploaded a video that my niece, nephew and I even though my niece, she really didn't contribute much but was in the studio so I am still giving her credit as it is fair. So Minecraft: Aftermath is up on the channel and also the bloopers which is a short video is also up on there right now. 

               I am not sure what the plan is with that channel but I may end up end up trying to stream this weekend and come by and say hey to you guys on the ChrisBOnTheWeb but it all depends how well the program works for me cause I have issues even with the program I use, OBS and another program that I no longer use due to lag issues which is odd as I had no issues with it in the past. However OBS is what I am using now and really should test it out this weekend for you guys so stay tuned, I may pop up live and may play Minecraft for a bit update you guys but we'll see. It'll be a pop up stream so it will not be scheduled. If I don't then I will do a video at least weekly for you guys at the most to try stall the time and I am going to try and do behind the scenes and keep you guys updated. I will have an update video in a week or so on the office building when I have an update but that is what the plan is if I cannot stream then I will do an video at least weekly and it won't always be gaming but least you're getting some kind of update. However that is my update on the channel and my post for today and I will talk to you all tomorrow.


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