Saturday, June 25, 2022

End of The Week Updates [06-25-2022]

                    Another week has come to a close and I have some updates, will be a bit quieter then usual once again:

Website: Will be introducing an FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) and it will be launching by September to help you with the basic questions. Over the summer myself and my community manager are going to be compiling questions you guys may have to help answer to people who may ask the same question

Entertainment Man Podcast: The Main RSS Feed should be slowly updating and I will be talking about it a bit more on Sunday on the podcast but please do be patient with it being updated across the other platforms. All older episodes are now uploaded and feed has all 106, excuse me 107 episodes on there.

                Anyways that is all I have to say for this week, I know I haven't said anything about the collab but I have mentioned it via Twitter and the Facebook page so I am working on the collab I am just staying quiet with things right now till I know I am ready to announce the next recording session and what not.  Also Streams will be not happening but videos once to 2 to,es a week to fill in the void for right now.  That is a very short update but not much to say this week but I will talk to you all Monday! 


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