Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Content Schedule Adjustments

                    Now that the ChrisBOnTheWeb channel is in the mix of things in content and with me streaming on weekends, creating videos here and there, I have decided to make this post about the content schedule. Now this includes podcasts, blogs and videos on the secondary channel that you guys see listed here on the fan page. However here is the schedule starting Sunday and ending on Saturday:

Sunday: 1 pm EST: Entertainment Man Podcast, Regular length episode (YouTube  Audio ONLY)

                2:30 pm EST: Sporadic Stream on Sundays.  (Will not always be on Sundays, especially when my niece and nephew's hockey returns in the fall.)

Monday - Fridays: Blog post (Here on the website)

Tuesdays: 1 pm EST (Sporadically): Video on the ChrisBOnTheWeb YouTube Channel

Thursdays: 1 pm EST (Every 2nd Thursday): Entertainment Man Podcast, bonus episode (Audio ONLY Platforms)

Saturdays: 1 pm EST: Stream (ChrisBOnTheWeb YouTube Channel)

                   There is the schedule moving forward for you guys and will be changing in the fall with my niece and nephew's hockey games the schedule could vary at times but more information will be coming later on but for right now that is the current schedule at this moment. That is today's post, thank you for reading and I will talk to you all tomorrow!


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