Friday, December 23, 2022

End of The Week Updates [12-23-2022]

            It is time for the end of the week updates and I am writing this 5 days prior as this week will be crucial and busy for me. Anyways here is the updates:

Website: Now that The CBOTW Show is on the side but working on things behind the scenes to getting it ready to go. I have put The CBOTW Show in the archives but it seems it was already there but the page itself was changed from the upcoming episodes so it doesn't seem like it will be returning at the moment. Also changed the about page for a bit so it is now live and different. 

Larry Moving: Now I have spoken to him about some things and I brought up if he is staying put after his mom retires and he said he will be moving north which means the podcasts we do will be done online and things will be changing but it will not be for another 2 - 2.5 years from now. We will talk about that later on and we have a plan. 

              Nothing else to report minus me working on notes for Entertainment Man Podcast nothing else and getting those finished. As I am typing this ahead of time, I do not know and maybe I could go back and edit but if I don't then this is the post you see but you can't see the change. Anyways that is the post, Merry Christmas to you all, there will be no blog till Tuesday as the studio is closed for Christmas so we'll be back on Tuesday.


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