Friday, February 10, 2023

End of The Week Updates [02-10-2023]

         This is the end of the week updates. Yes this is not Chris, it's Chloe. He apologizes for not being available today to do a post. He is a very busy busy person and not available at this time to do this weeks "End of The Week Updates." I have a bunch of updates he's forwarded to me so here are the updates:

Entertainment Man Podcast: He is almost 100% booked for interviews for the remainder of this month with one week that is actually free up at this moment and he is planning to try and keep it open as much as possible as he is recording today his journey with Autism and Mental Health Journey as a two part podcast. Also he is planning to this weekend to do up his interviews notes for 4 different podcasts he has planned. He's got a lot planned for the podcast in way of interviews including Shane coming back on later in the year (mid year what I heard!)

Power Rangers Collab: He is planning to wrap up production notes for the upcoming podcast and him and Larry have created a massive podcast on top of the normal season podcast. They've come up with a massive plan yesterday and quite impressive to be honest.

Website: Chris has changed the website and seems to change it time and time again as he's not been happy with it. He is calling the people behind ChrisBOnTheWeb, The "CBOTW Team" like he use to. He hopes this is the last of the changes with pages.

                  Those are the updates and next week, we will update you all about the collab where he is and wanted me to let you all know there will be blogs all the way up to Saturday next week. He's considered changing the schedule and extending it but he will talk about it next week. End of the week Updates will be Saturday and has designated me to do them moving forward as he wants me more involved with the site which I am very happy to do for him! We hope you have a great weekend and Chris will talk to you Monday. 

Chloe, CBOTW Team/Community Manager

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