Friday, February 24, 2023

End of The Week Updates [02-24-2023]

                The week has conclude which means its is time for the End of The Week Updates. Chris and I have been tackling updates to several things so here they are:

Website: Chris and I have updated two of the pages on the website, Team page which hasn't been updated in a over a week now since the massive changes to the team. Also we've had an issue with Entertainment Man Podcast where the player was removed off of the website for the Autism Episode and the Mental Health episode wasn't added to the website whatsoever. So we've added it to the page and is updated.

Entertainment Man Podcast: Chris has been working on notes for upcoming episodes on Sunday. He is hoping to have it all completed by today so he can start working on the next stage of work he has to get done. 

Power Rangers Collab Podcast: With the completion of two more episodes and one of them being a season and the other being a "One Off" episode as Chris and Larry has something planned out that I do not know what it is personally. However with the recent cancellation due to the weather in Ontario, they had to cancel and reschedule it for 2 weeks. Chris needs several days to come up with a new schedule. 

                 Those are the updates for the week, I will speak to you all next week.

Joe, CBOTW Community Manager

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