Saturday, August 26, 2023

Kars on King 2023

           Yesterday, I went into the downtown for Kars on King. I am not sure if this is my second time and if I have been to the one last year and I could of with both my parents. Anyways, one of my cars that I saw is the Austin Mini aka the Mr. Bean car. One of my personal favourites actually. Saw a lot of different varieties of cars at Kars on King. I actually ran into friends of mine that I have been friends with for many many years now. Also my aunt and uncle we bumped into on the other end of the downtown and another friend of mine that I didn't see but knew she was there. 

         Now there was entertainment obviously between one of the major roads there which is called the 4 corners which is truly what it is called. When we came back around to the main stage there it was an Elvis tribute by a gentleman and boy he sounded like him actually, exact same voice as Elvis... He was really, really good! As you guys know there is always 2 cars that I hope to see, actually scratch that 3: Lemon car (Edsel); Delorean car and the Mr Bean car, Austin Mini which I saw. I can officially say I saw at least 1 of the 3 yesterday night. Anyways that is the blog for today, enjoy the rest of your weekend and talk to you all Monday. 



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