Friday, September 1, 2023

End of The Week Updates [09-01-2023]

              Another week has come to an end and here are the first set of updates for the first Friday of September:       

10th Anniversary Updates: After the mishaps I was causing and funny story, I was going through my stuff and still had hard copies for the event I could of used and this is after I had redone everything that was destroyed/deleted. However I am back on track now and a little over budget by 12 dollars. I do not how the heck I managed that but I could of miscalculated the numbers and that could of been an user era perhaps but I have to remember that I am taking this budget from a event to event bases but still I do not know how I ended up beyond the budget by 12 bucks.

Entertainment Man Podcast: Things are going great recorded and have it ready for this weekend's episode. Now I have more time to work further on other projects here in the studio:

Studio Updates: This studio is getting some new shelves for the drawers that are just piled up in the corner as you enter the studio itself. Next week, it will started to be worked on next week. 

The CBOTW Show: This weekend I am going full throttle on Power Rangers Podcast, I have or should have had it finished by now honestly. I am so far behind on it and it is a must to finish so I hope to finishing it by the a week Sunday so I can start typing up notes and have it ready for when Larry returns.

Studio Closed Monday?:  I know this weekend is a long weekend but with me strapped for time with the podcast with Larry, the studio will be open all weekend long including Monday. Gotta get going on the grind and use to the grind these days.

             That is the updates for the week, I hope you guys have a fantastic weekend and I will talk to you all on Monday with more blogs but till Monday enjoy your Labour Day Weekend!


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