Friday, October 13, 2023

End of The Week Updates [10-13-2023]

          It is the end of the week, which means I as Community Manager give you guys the updates and I have some updates. First of all Chris has been busy with ChrisBOnTheWeb Media HQ or ChrisBOnTheWeb Studios. As you know, he's been busy with moving the desk around in a complete 360, side desk still in the position it is in even though they moved it to clean out on the carpet. Chris has stated that there is more room to move about and that was one of the key issues with the way the studio was setup originally. If you remember there wasn't a second desk but now has the other one. Studio looks good and a lot better then before.

            Today, Chris is recording Entertainment Man Podcast so he can edit and get it up and ready. He is starting to figure out that episodes on his own should be just uploaded not premiered. Not that he doesn't like hanging out every week with you all, just feels like it just uploading his solo episodes and interviews will be premiered for everyone to listen. He said this more then likely will take place in 2024 if he decides but I enjoy hanging out for half hour to an hour a week but it's his show he decides. There is no updates on Power Rangers Podcast but I know him and Larry talked about it as he updated me last night before going to bed. This weekend he will be in Bomanville Apple Festival and South Simcoe Railway this weekend and there will be content coming out Sunday and Monday both on social media and on this very blog so stay tuned for that. We appreciate the love & support you have given us over the years and thank you for reading the blog each and every week and I will speak to you all next week, have a wonderful weekend.

Kelsie, Community Manager

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