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Thursday, October 12, 2023

What's on The Timeline for 2024

            I know there has been questions what the timeline for 2024 looks like and this is what it can look like for 2024:

Entertainment Man Podcast: You can most definitely expect the Podcast back in the lineup for 2024 and it already been mentioned it would be back even for 2025 as well it's planned to return in 2025. Will remain on the days Sundays @ 1 pm EDT (YouTube/Audio ONLY) & every 2nd Thursday @ 1 pm EDT (Audio ONLY)

The CBOTW Show: Will be seeing some changes as with the end of Cosmic Fury we will be starting to work on another series preparing notes for it down the road. However you can expect Cosmic Fury in January/February then I will also be covering the seasons of Corner Gas which is Canadian show. I will be doing one off podcasts for Power Rangers probably with Larry and movies but nothing too strenuous. Later in the year I plan on Full House Seasons. There will be two days an episode will air and will probably rotate per week every 2nd Tuesday with yours truly on my own and every other Friday with Larry and I when we have episode to put out there.

         That is the timeline for next year as we continue on to grow both podcasts and the timeline moving forward into 2024 and things could change for the podcasts but will see how things are going to go. Anyways that is the post for today and have a great weekend and I will talk to you all on Monday as Kelsie will be covering the end of the week updates tomorrow.