Friday, December 2, 2022

End of The Week Updates [12-02-2022]

              Another week has gone by and it time for another end of the week updates. Been a very topsy turvy week here at studio but I think, I have things very much under control but here are the updates:

Website: Mark, Larry and I did some changes to the website as you know, there is a full bio of my entire journey in media for almost the last 17 years I have been doing this. Also the Schedule has been updated as there is no events remaining for this year as I am unable to go due to my mom recovering from knee surgery still which is understandable. Frequently Asked Questions was way out of date and hasn't been updated in over a year probably so we updated it. 

Entertainment Man Podcast: With the season slowly wrapping up as I said on my Instagram Stories this week, if I am not getting a request after the 12th which is a Monday, I will be closing out interview requests and will be a topic for the end of the year. Details for when requests open again are coming on Finale week for the podcast. 

            That is about it for updates for the week, I gave you enough information on the collab and I cannot wait for the next few weeks as things slowly wrap up and I can officially start working on things for 2023. I will talk to you all on Monday, have a great weekend!


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