Friday, January 27, 2023

End of The Week Updates [01-27-2023]

              Another week has gone by which means time for another end of the week updates. Been a hectic week but I have been keeping up on social media especially ChrisBOnTheWeb's Facebook,Twitter and Instagram which has blown up a lot in likes, follows, retweets depending what platform you follow me on. Anyways onto the updates: 

Website: I overhauled the website with the help of my assistant/Mgmt Team Chloe who helped me with some new ideas for the website. Instead of one page there was two. We went to one page as it's the same team. The schedule has been moved to the main bar which is very active and viewable as before it was under "About" tab but is now very active. There was an issue with images across the website as I somehow deleted the account associated with it so I had to start from scratch again so I updated the entire website.

Entertainment Man Podcast: Worked on several episodes of the podcast for the coming weeks, with great ideas that I have planned for topic episodes. Also have been working on interviews since Matchmaker has been quiet for requests so I am working on a couple of them. 

Power Rangers Collab: Not much to talk about with the collab, I plan on releasing it hopefully next week but stay tuned for updates on that.

             Those are the updates for right now. Have a great weekend and I will talk to you all Monday on the blog and stay tuned for a small stream tomorrow in the afternoon. 


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