Monday, June 26, 2023

We're Pretty Sastified With!

            My team and I are pretty sastified with with it's current configuration. I mean we have a ton of things on here to keep you busy as we have from blogs to podcasts to 2 YouTube Channel to just keep you all busy all around. There has been a ton of changes with the website and there has been moments where I wasn't happy with the website to a point I kept changing things around with the website constantly where I would reconstruct pages. 

            Now with the website is where I want it to, I do now plan on changing anything off the website right now. Only thing that would change is if a podcast went off the air it'd be moved to the Archives on the website all together which I have already done that way ahead of time for example the Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast which is now in it's own thing now, The CBOTW Show which is a ton better. Either way I have the way I want things and not planning to change anything in the future unless it's an update but other then that is the post for today, I'm sorry it's a tad late but as always I will talk to you all tomorrow!


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