Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Feeling Nervous About The Schedule Changes...

               I feel very nervous when it comes to these changes that I am making to the podcasts and I know I asked you guys first if you were OK with these changes and most of you said yes so that means you guys were ok with the changes that were being made. I even reached out on all the platforms if this was ok with you guys and you guys said that is fine. So I do not know why I am feeling these nerves 

            And I know it will be a big success going with weekly shows. It'll take you guys some time to get use to the new schedule and how it works but this way we can produce both shows and air both shows during the week which is the reason behind the changes that we made. Trust me there is a reason for all these changes and it is so we can produce and post up both on a weekly basis. So in conclusion there should be no reason honestly to be nervous I am sure you guys will receive these changes with a positive feedback and you guys have asked The CBOTW Show isn't weekly and something I will get into on tomorrow's Podcast but I will talk to you then. 


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