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Friday, June 7, 2024

End of The Week Updates [06-07-2024]

               Sorry and hey everyone for the late end of the week updates but here at the updates for this week. Chris is finishing up with all the loose ends with podcasts that need editing and scheduled to be posted up on the platforms. He's been trying to get to the other work that needs to be finished but he's been busy editing the podcast. He finds that the two episodes a week is a bit much but he's getting into a rhythm his schedule he has to get use to and this is where he is going to start scheduling things in for him and have an allotted time. 

               However he has been stressing out about this schedule changes and worried it will not work out. I promised him he will get into a good rhythm and he will have the podcasts scheduled to record on certain days and what not. We have talked about a change in schedule days Mondays and Wednesdays but now sticking to our current schedule at the moment.  So hopefully this weekend we will completely finish up things so come Monday we can move forward with the upcoming weeks as we ease into the new schedule. Those are the updates I have and I am once again sorry for being late and I will speak to you all next Friday.