Thursday, February 17, 2022

Full Schedule for Entertainment Man Podcast/The CBOTW Show

               So much has happened and I cannot do this in the end of the week update as this is a long winded update for you guys. With the changes of Entertainment Man Podcast which I will explain in a post next week on Monday why it was suddenly pulled and now The CBOTW Show being pushed to success finally, here is what is on Video/Audio ONLY & Audio ONLY for Entertainment Man Podcast/The CBOTW Show:

Video/Audio ONLY:                                                                Audio ONLY:

The CBOTW Show (Survivor, Amy- Pre-Recorded)                Entertainment Man Podcast (Both                                                                                                    Episodes) (Chris)                          The CBOTW Show (Big Brother Canada, Live)     

The CBOTW Show (Big Brother US, Live)

The CBOTW Show (Power Rangers Podcast, Chris & Larry- Live)

Worst Cooks In America, Amy- Pre-Recorded)

                  Now the actual Schedule coming up for the podcasts and this is across the board on both podcast and I know it's a lot but it is a lot of content and I had to fiffle with the schedule a bit but got it all figured out. Here is the time table and when and if it is currently active:

Sundays: Entertainment Man Podcast (Regular Episode, Chris) Audio ONLY 1 pm EST Currently Active

Thursdays: Entertainment Man Podcast (Bonus Episode every 2nd week, Chris) Audio ONLY 1 pm EST

                     The Other Side of The CBOTW Show: Survivor After Show (Amy) Pre-Recorded, Video (YouTube)/Audio ONLY Starting March 3rd, 2022

                      Big Brother Canada 10 Recap (Chris) Live On YouTube Starting March 10th, 2022

Fridays:         Big Brother Canada 10 Recap (Chris) Audio ONLY Starting March 11th, 2022

Saturdays:     Worst Cooks In America, Season 1 (Amy) Pre-Recorded, Video (YouTube)/Audio ONLY  April 2nd, 2022

                  Sorry for the long winded post but a lot for the schedule and in the next week or so I will be posting to schedule but for right now I will talk to you all on tomorrow's post.


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