Monday, November 6, 2023

Officially on the New Schedule!

            After last week was an appalling mess in schedule, I start this week with a fresh mind and aspect to what needs to be done this week. One of those things being Power Rangers and already between 5 and 10 episodes completed now. I hope to finish it all of it up by tomorrow so Wednesday, I can start the next season and finish it by Saturday so this way I can start typing to really push the 23rd actually happening. This week I have a lot more time on my hands minus Tuesday, possibly Wednesday and indefinitely Thursday, but between Tuesday and Wednesday I will have time to work on things before my outing for the days. Thursday I will be out of studio at an event in Toronto. 

             I will talk more about that tomorrow on the blog. However this week starts a brand new week with phase 1 with the new schedule for blogs & podcasts. As I said last week blogs and Entertainment Man Podcast are on the normal days but Entertainment Man's bonus episodes are moving a day back to Wednesdays @ 1 pm ET. Now as you guys remember when we brought The CBOTW Show it was on two different days, one day on my own (Tuesdays) and the other one with Larry (On Friday's) I know this means him and I will be rotating weeks, there will be weeks I'm not alone while maintaining a every 2nd week schedule? That's going to be quite a handful I know. However it will be easier as we continue to progress and post to our new schedule. Anyways thanks for reading the blog today and I will as always talk to you tomorrow!


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