Thursday, April 18, 2019

Funniest Podcast Moments (Throwback Thursday)

             There is so many memorable moments with the podcast not just with Everything About Reality TV but also Power Rangers Podcast which has proved to be a huge success. In today's post I am going to definitely covering a bunch of em from both of the podcasts as I got some things I can mention.

1. The intro screw ups on Everything About Reality TV, where I just let out a bunch of profanity on the recording but don't worry it never made it to air on any of the platforms as I have that saved for my laughs and only a couple people have heard the recording. I think the problem I had was I just talking to fast and my words stuttered. I could down the road make it's own page on here under podcast bloopers for you laughing needs.

2. When Larry and I did the Mighty Morphin saying by the forces of lighting make our monster grow. 

3. Also during the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Podcast Larry say I don't like you... Ed.... I said It's Zedd, You Blinkin bucket of bolts! LORD ZEDD! I was able to channel my inner Lord Zedd honestly. We sure have fun with these podcasts when we are recording these collaboration podcasts.

4. When I switched out the intro lines I say over the intro theme of the podcast from "Media Man" back to "Entertainment Man" I think I confused my head completely with the intros but now I have re-trained myself back into that intro but it was funny trying to do the intro, especially over and over again. 

               This adventure as a podcaster has just started and I am sure there will be more funny moments and I am sure there will be other podcasts that will be added into Chris B On The Web. I am planning on down the road to continue to continue on with podcasting as I have indeed enjoyed doing these each and every week. Yes Everything About Reality TV has been fun and can be exhausting like I am now but it is all worth it in the end with the stress and mental exhaustion and same goes with any other podcasts that has been done within CBOTW.


Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Planning To Continue The Binding of Isaac & The Messenger

           I have been so busy with projects galore recently with Chris B On The Web I just have had no time to actually play the video game right now, but recently I have taken some time off and actually played the game and almost went to mom or did but ended up dying in the game which sucks but getting better and better each and everyday so it is indeed work in progress to get challenges done and other things that I need to get to get the full 100% Platinum God but I am going to start working really, really hard as I want to get to Rebirth as well, then after birth, after birth + as well. But in-between work here on the website, I am sure as heck working hard on it. I am not one to give up on a game well if I know it was very, very bad at it then I would stop and I have done that by erasing the game from Steam and I have done that in the past but will make sure to sure give it a shot and try the actual game out but again, I've been busy but here and there I am playing the game once and a blue moon I will load it up and play a bit and trust me I'm going further but if I do not play then I become very rusty at the game so I have to keep up with it.

             Now with The Messenger, I have been stuck for the past month or so with the video game but every time Larry is here I seem to get on a roll but last time he was here and I just struggled with the game and unable to beat as I feel like I cannot past the wizards that shoot out as that seems to be the hardest part of the video game honestly. Very frustrating but I manage to keep on trying. However I so plan on continuing on with this game just wish I would progress further but again patience is a virtue and I will get it in time, I'm sure. Like I have said on Social Media right now, I just do not have the time to play the video games with my podcast schedule very, very busy right now with 4 episodes a week,1 on Tuesdays, 2 on Thursdays and 1 on Fridays, so there is no way I can put in time for fun right now as the workload is, well there is a lot on my plate right now and fun time is not at this current time or place but these two games will be at the top of my list of trying to achieve success and hopefully to add to my completed games list finally as well.


Tuesday, April 16, 2019

I Need To Address This! (Everything About Reality TV)

             I know I have spoken about the 11th season of Everything About Reality TV but since Amazing Race starts this week, the 11th season start is now up in the air at this point. I cannot give answers right now as like I said over the last couple of weeks, CBS's Big Brother still nothing to report and right now it is still sounding like Amazing Race so the 11th season probably will start in early July at this point of time. However I just cannot say when it will start and probably be on a small hiatus for a week or two with some off season podcasts I am sure. This is why I have been very, very quiet about the next season and right now, maybe I need to take a hiatus after this season or wait it out. All I know I probably will be going to a weekly schedule after Amazing Race is finished but it is too soon to say. I just cannot guaranteed anything right now. This is probably the most stressful thing and when I said I meant it that I'd cover Amazing Race Canada only this summer, I did mean it. I just cannot really tell what is going to be in stored  for Big Brother U.S. 

              All I can do is wait and what I do plan on doing is trying to stall for time as much as I can with the off season podcasts between the end of this season and the next and don't worry, I am glad I wrote these off season podcasts when I did cause they sure will come in handy in this case. And yes! I wrote a lot of them to last me a very long time which I am glad I prepared these towards the end of last year into the start of this year. If I didn't plan this ahead of time, I would of definitely been mad scrambling to get content together for you guys once way or another. In the end, what we need to do or I need to do is be a bit patient with things but what I trying to say is, I will announce the next season and what is going to be covered when I know further. With saying that, this will be my last update for quite some time until I do know further and social media, Twitter/Instagram is the best way to know BUT definitely will do an update blog on here too when the time is right. 


Monday, April 15, 2019

Started Playing Star Trek Online!

            I have started to play between work that I have been working on, Star Trek Online which was recommended by a twitch stream I watch regularly. So big shoutout to them. Now when I first started, I just could not for the life of me find the main bridge of the ship my character was suppose to go to so that took at least a good 10 - 15 minutes to find which I did in the end. Now the movement and shooting was very awkward at the start but remember every game is different with the way of the controls are. Majority of the time it is WASD Keys for the movements or the arrows keys. I am learning the movements of the character and it will definitely take some time for me to get the hang of it. One thing that does bother me is the fact the enemies go right up to you shooting and I try to move away so I can shoot but they seem to like get in my face and shoot. I also find the shooting hard to do and figure out what button to shoot with, but yet again, it will take some time to get the hang of it down the road. I am very much awkward with the movements but again it comes down to learning the keys down and I will in time honestly.

                So far, I am enjoying the game but was sort of still trying to maneuver around the paths in the game but I guess eventually I will get through it. What a friend told me the PC version of this game has a heck of a lot more levels so it will definitely take some time for me to beat but I am definitely up to the challenge honestly. However I am sure once I pass a bunch of missions, I will figure it out and I will be completing things quite quickly which that is one thing I wish I can do with another game I am playing but this is a nice change of pace for the way of video games honestly and it does indeed give me a break from games I am trying to 100% *Cough cough The Binding of Isaac* which I will beat sooner or later but at least I am playing a bit of a different genre of a game and I am enjoying it but it is once again a learning curve but patience is indeed a virtue. 


Sunday, April 14, 2019

Looking Forward To Easter and 2 Days I Will Have Off!

             After this week being even more chaotic then last week, I am just looking forward to sitting down with the family and enjoying everyone's company at Easter dinner and of course my is to entertain my niece and nephew we will either be in my room, or playing hide and go seek or video games which they haven't seen me play for the longest time since I have been busy taking care of my mom and her full knee replacement. So you can see my dilemma but I get through. I honestly I thought that we weren't going to have Easter with my parents, brother, sister in law, my niece and nephew and my grandma but my mom is progressing very well in her recovery that we are able to have Easter as my dad and my brother got the dinner covered but I offered to help but like I said I will be with my niece and nephew keeping them entertained during their visit. I know were are planning on a more simple dinner since we are limited on the help this year as my mom will be sidelined to helping and I will be making sure she is not helping. This will be definitely be looking forward to relaxing for once as I need to relax and like I said on the blog post that yes I said last week was a very stressful week for me and this week will be a busy week for me so it will be to sit back let loose and just do nothing for the day. Monday as well I am planning to take the time off Monday too. I just need that break and even if it is a day or 2 here and there that is a good thing and I know I will have 2 extra days the week Easter Sunday is on that Thursday, the 25th as I may actually be out of town but I will know this week. Also the 2nd of May I am out of town again. I am out of town quite a bit leading up to the Big Brother Canada 7 Finale.

                I love the Easter holiday or any holiday so to speak as it is a time for me to rest and get my juices in my head but any holidays I do enjoy any holiday honestly because I like to spend the time with the family and it really gets my mind off of things as my mind is always on CBOTW 24-7 pretty much. My world seems to always revolve running this website and making sure you guys are happy. However, it is a good idea to actually unplug from the online life I live on a regular basis. Sometimes to unplug for a while here and there is really good idea as you cannot keep going on and on stressing yourself out. Sometimes you have to say what the heck and unplug from social media. However I sometimes take a day or two to myself and not worry about it whatsoever. I can look forward to the 2 days off and the odd day off over the next couple of weeks which help me prepare for shows ending their season runs and moving into the off season transition very smoothly.


The Past Week Has Been Nothing But Mass Chaos For Me!

                 This week has been nothing but mass chaos for me with being behind schedule again and work piled up on me is making me think is this additional podcast worth it? Well yes I wanted to do it but I was hoping by May 22nd it would of stuck to that schedule but it is what it is. Plus I have had appointments and meetings all week and no time to edit the podcast and have it up on time. But Thursday I was only a tad bit late which isn't bad at all. However, I am excited for this week as it is going to be a busy, busy week for me with Easter coming up and dealing with the podcasts but don't forget I have done two podcasts in a day once when I covered Music City so I should be able to handle the stress levels of that. But I think this week, I worried a lot about the upcoming week as Easter is nearby and I will be busy with the family so what I am doing is pre-planning my days ahead of time before I get into this very busy week. 

                   It is always with me planning, planning, planning and executing this plan. I haven't stopped since January rolled in since Music City as I have been busy with that podcast, but Celebrity Big Brother, Survivor, Big Brother Canada and finally Amazing Race, I have just gone on non stop. I don't think I will end up sleeping tonight at all or not very much due to the stress and worries with the final weeks of 4 episodes a week, then moving down to 2 then down to 1 podcast a week finally. I just want a break from it all honestly. I have also been stressing that CBS has yet said an official renewal of Big Brother US 21 that has been driving me up the wall waiting and waiting for official news even though reliable Big Brother sources say it will be back this summer but yet their is no official word from CBS themselves. 

                   At this point all I can say is Amazing Race Canada 6 is the only one that I am covering and if they decide at the last second to bring it back this summer, more then likely I may end up taking the summer off from Big Brother 21 as this is driving me absolutely insane honestly. I know you guys the fans are starting to lose patience but it is CBS for you. I think I have made my decision for the 11th season of Everything About Reality TV and will be making the announcement soon enough, hopefully by mid June/Late June at the most. I am beyond frustrated, mentally exhausted and tired and need a break from it and once Amazing Race completes, I hope I have a week or so off before starting up the next season. I can tell you this, I have already made the decision for no many or no off season podcasts, however, that could change but I usually got my mind made up to what I wanna do with CBOTW. 


Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Feels Like 2016 All Over Again....

           Right now I am not thinking straight right now.... As you know with the recent additions to the podcast I think I am just overwhelmed and not myself and I am so confused with things and people are literally worried about me right now. Honestly my mental state or mental health isn't all there right now. I need to learn to just deal with it and work with the schedule and I always record in the mornings so I should continue on with it honestly. Honestly this is only for a few weeks then I am down to 2 per weeks which is half of what the schedule is going to be starting next week so what the heck am I honestly complaining about. It's only a few freakin weeks honestly which isn't much and the final weeks of both Big Brother Canada & Survivor Edge of Extinction will go quite quickly. I just gotta work hard and make sure I am going to have it ready for the actual release at the new times that I have mentioned. 

              What did I mean it feels like 2016.... I just feel with everything going on right now it feels like how The Entertainment Man Talk Show ended in the final months of it's existence and I just do not want Everything About Reality TV ending in the same way that ended and if it ended anytime soon, it would definitely be on a good high note as of right now I am currently standing at 191 Episodes, 192 today as I recorded yet again today for the Preview of Amazing Race 31 which starts a week today which should be exciting honestly I should show the excitement levels. If I think of it, if it ends start of June to Mid June at the most which I do not know when the finale will be at this moment but I am sure I will have a few weeks off from this podcast and I think I will be not doing many off season podcasts, I am going to take the break I need without worrying about it. 

                 Honestly I do not want it to end up like almost 3 years ago as I was in a very dark place and honestly it felt like that tonight as I felt the control I had slipping through my fingers and I was going back into my old ways. I don't need to go back that way cause it wasn't a pretty face to see honestly and this all started back two days ago at the mall when visiting with Eric. I am just not with it and I am in need a mental break from doing this podcast which when I was on YouTube before this begun, I didn't have that break and it feels like that even now. When I was not in the right frame of mind which I did really stupid things to myself and it's no lies and honestly I do not wanna go back into that depression and corner like I was in and I assure you this is not going to happen again. I am just currently in a funk and need to get out of it and fast.