Thursday, February 21, 2019

The Day I Took On The Ender Dragon (Throwback Thursday Story)

            2 years ago after a very long time coming in trying to beat the ender dragon and I did the unthinkable and actually beat it. How did I manage to beat it? I will tell the story how this all went down. So this was after I walked away from Twitch, I finished up the spawner which was already underway when my regulars want to start trouble but I managed to finish up the spawner which I needed the levels in order to get good armor but a good friend @stephan889 on Twitter told me I didn't need too overly strong armor but I still had diamond armor that had high level armor which now can be found in the storage facility in the world which is behind glass now. However I needed to find the portal which was a tough task at hand and yes I used the ender pearls or eyes of the ender. However I decided to go out digging and I came across a cave out of nowhere. I look up to find a library, a random library. So i dug up a stairwell to go up, I took all the books obviously. So I started to look around to finally found the portal. So obviously I traveled back to the house, the manor which is still in existence just had some renovations done to the house. So I went back to start killing the Endermen in the game to get pearls from them in order to get eye of the ender. Also I realized I needed to go to the Nether to get the blaze rods that makes blaze powder so all the baby steps to get to the end. I got the eye of the ender to put in the portal. I believe 14 of them to be exact. I place it in and I went into the game to see what was was I was of the end of the ground as I fell out of the world, so I went back and built a stairwell to go up. 

           When I had the right gear, weapons, tools to beating the ender dragon, I went into the end and I was on my way. I had to hit the towers first obviously. Once I did that I was able to attack the Ender Dragon which took a very long time ducking away from the endermen that were creeping around. I got down to the final seconds and I took a shot at the dragon but it came at me and I either shot an arrow or struck it down with the sword. I can remember hearing the crackling sound from it and the amount of XP I was getting from the destruction of the Ender Dragon. Yes I defeated it first try and I was quite excited and you can imagine the Let's Go's that came out of my mouth. After I made a  monument in the storage facility as I said before with a stand for the gear I wore in the way of armor and almost made a frame for the sword and Bow. Also thanks to Dark, he helped me create that stand and the flag colors of CBOTW. I sometimes go back into the old world and reminisce on the memories I have created but I am now more committed to my new current world with the space age mod and going into space so new adventures and always new opportunities on the game but I am proud I not only beat the Ender Dragon but Dark and I beat the Wither so we beat everything in Vanilla Minecraft and ready to do some modded Minecraft now which like I said has begun!


Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Favorite Dishes To Cook....

              There are tons of dishes I have done well and in today's post I am going to highlight the dishes that I think I have mastered finally. Don't get me wrong, I am planning to cook other things but right now, I am focusing on the present dishes I have done but I will address the other dishes I would like to at the end of today's blog post.

1) Fettuccine Alfredo, with either Chicken or shrimp: I have I think at this point, mastered this dish, it tastes even better each and every time. It does take some time to master the recipe but I am indeed a fast learner.

2) Spaghetti, Such an easy dish, warm up the sauce my mom pre-made which mind you I am going to learn the sauce recipe which yes it takes several hours to make as we do a no meat sauce and a meat sauce.

3) I am the king of cooking chicken now as I am able to cook the meat right through. Apparently I have a knack to cooking it. I think I do about 2 - 2.5 minutes per side and rotate it at least 3 times enough for it to be white in the middle not pink.

4) Meatloaf- Learned different types of meatloaf recipes, turkey loaf, chicken meatloaf and of course the traditional beef meatloaf but I know how to make it very easily. 

5) Burgers or Sliders- I was antsy with cooking burger seeing the red meat inside I can just hear Chef Ramsey's  saying "IT'S RAAAW!" haha But it turned out very well either way or.

                There is the dishes I can cook and there is tons more but again, I cannot list everything as this blog post would be endless post. I can give some honorable mentions like I learned how to roast a turkey, same with a whole chicken. Also how to cook a pork tenderloin on a BBQ. I am getting quite handy at the stove or the BBQ and there is plenty of dishes that I want to cook such as Carbonara, Risotto, my moms Spaghetti Sauce, the list is quite hefty and long and I cannot remember everything from the top of my head but I am looking forward to getting into more cooking once this cold of mine subsides and finally goes the heck away as of right now I am still dealing with a bit of a cough and rather wait to cook then cough all over the food but that is besides the point of today's post.


Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Some Platforms I Use To Broadcast On!

          I know this is going way back in the early years of being doing online media but I thought I would go through each and every platform. There are platforms that aren't around anymore unfortunately as they closed their sites down. I am going to go through the major platforms I broadcasted on mainly, not the ones that I lasted a short time.

          I started on in 2010 on and off up to August 2012 when I subsequently left the platform after dealing with some drama. Then I moved over between to before moving back to Stickam in 2012. Then I took a small break from broadcasting I think between 2013 and 2014, however I know I signed up with Vaughn Live but didn't broadcast much as I didn't know what I was doing as of yet. I believe I moved over to which was closed down to focus on Twitch but I spent a ton of time on Justin TV platform which I moved on as I ended up being banned from unfortunately due to me constantly spamming their chat due to a disagreement.  I did broadcast on the platform (Vaughn) but was a very short time when I broadcasted on there before getting myself banned from the platform. Then I did broadcast on another 2 platforms, however was banned. So I took some months off from broadcasting before I started to become a loyal to another platform which was Twitch. I started on there in 2016, summer to be exact, probably July is when I started and lasted into September when I stopped broadcasting due to trolls name calling, even after I banned and reported them, they kept on coming back. I tried to make a comeback in 2018 and just recently but decided to stop broadcasting all together to focus on the podcasts you guys get every week. Oh I should note when Everything About Reality TV Podcast was live I did broadcast on YouTube as well.

             So the question you probably wondering, am I retired from broadcasting for good? The answer is yes, I have decided to stop casting or streaming some of you guys call it due to the fact I want to focus on Everything About Reality TV and the collaboration podcasts as well. I want my full attention on the podcasts right now, I wanna make sure to give you guys the best podcast I can give you guys. Broadcasting was fun but in the end, it is an end of an era for me but I will always have fond memories of the people I met on the platforms over the years, I am quite happy with the quiet life I am living, well from to time it isn't quiet, it becomes quite hectic but use to it.


Monday, February 18, 2019

Chris B On The Web Re-Building Phase Is Ending In June!

             After almost 3 years, I can say after such a long, long battle with trying to re-build Chris B On The Web, the re-building phase is going to be over. What do I mean by this? I can say I have successfully completed the rebuild from when I left YouTube all together, I was stuck for a good year, year and a half trying to figure out what on earth I am going to do with myself now that YouTube is over, done, finished since my team decided to screw me over. Yes I am still bitter over a few people that screwed me over but over the year and a half, two years I did forgive 1 of the 3 people as I could never stay made at Larry. Look at the two of us now, the friendship has been so much stronger then before. Anyways as you know, I took the summer off to start figuring things out and Everything About Reality TV, well the rest is history, the podcast has become history. Then of course Larry and I added on the collaboration podcasts aka the Power Rangers Podcast which has become so popular on the website alone. After the podcasts have become the success the last thing that I had to do is stabilize the site and I couldn't have moved forward without making the move off of the provider which will not be named as my website kept on getting falsely taken down for no reason. I have had so many issues in the past with them so that is why I had no .com for 5 months as 1 I had to let the domain expire entirely and I had to let it become available elsewhere and of course the website has returned and I know that is the last final steps to fixing it, well minus getting the collabs back up and update it but you know what I mean.

               It has been a long time coming for the rebuild to end and I have been holding on to this piece of information for a long time now. I have been thinking about it for months to when this piece of information noone knew about this just me. I am actually am happy the fact that this rebuild is ending on June 25th, 2019, that is the date I am taking it off all this testing I have been doing for the past 3 years. I know it took me a long time but patience is indeed a virtue and I have been excited for this moment to take Chris B On The Web officially off the rebuilding stages and continuing this adventure. 


Sunday, February 17, 2019

What's The Plan For This Week? (Chris B On The Web Updates)

            This week will be a crucial for me to finish up the off season podcasts and those done and finished finally. The next step will be to be redoing the intro for the collaboration and end up working the intro into the older episodes and re upload it and have it up on the website again. Not all 5 of em are up on the website currently just the 3 at this moment. Also this week Survivor: Edge of Extinction Recaps start this week, so I have to weave it in there as well. I am aiming by next weekend to start working on the next prep for the next collaboration podcast with Larry but I am not going to get myself that .far, not yet at the most but would like to start it as I am aiming towards a certain month to recording the podcasts but again, I cannot go into greater detail. Mind you I do not know when the next podcast will be, Larry doesn't even know, when I said to him and you guys I needed a break from the collaboration podcast and that is what I am doing. I really cannot tell you when I will be coming off this hiatus right now, it could be this summer, it could be this fall, it could be in the New Year all we know. I need to find time to get the prep together and with Big Brother Canada 7 looming close, I just do not know how much I will get between now and then. 

              Today, I am planning on working on fixing my Twitter account as I have had issues but also working on the off season podcasts as well. There is not much more left in the way of the off season podcasts and i will not take me long to finish it up at least a couple of hours at the most if I move at a good pace which I can do very nice. I am going to focus on the current things right now and as for the off season podcast, it is currently on hold till I have the time to work on it but we will see how things go in the next week and how things will look and if I can squeeze in some prep time, even better but I am playing everything by ear this week but I am planning to squeeze it in if possible but again I am playing everything by ear and if I got time, I got time. Main focus is finishing the off podcasts and fix the collab intros so I am planning to start with that first, then move onto the next thing. I shouldn't be thinking about 100 things at once, I need to take it one thing at a time. 


Saturday, February 16, 2019

Weight Loss Update [02-16-2019]

            I am excited to say that I am now in between 219 and 220 pounds which is accomplishment to maintain at this weight which means I can lose the weight further. I am taking things a little more seriously. I now can say my knees are a lot more at ease and the pain levels are much better that I am thinner and my goal is getting a step closer to being off this diet. You know it has been such a struggle with trying to lose the weight but this gives me a lot of confidence in the world. I feel confident I can lose the weight now and I wanna lose about 10 more pounds by the spring if possible. I shouldn't say possibly as it is possible if I make it happen and I am going to make it happen it is just going to take some time for me to lose the weight. I wasn't feeling good about myself and kind of let my weight get out of control again. I am not going to let that happen again, going to keep focused as sooner I lose the weight, the better.

              I really haven't been at this weight since a while ago like about a year and a half I was at this weight. I was there once then I went up to 222 or higher which wasn't good so it is not the first time I have been at this weight. As long as I remain confident and able to keep losing or maintaining this weight, I will be happy. My goal to lose a ton more weight is by my next birthday which I will be 34 years of age. However my bigger goal is to be at 200 pounds even by then. I know it is an outrageous goal to have but this is part of the motivation of losing the weight. The final goal weight will be once I am at 200 pounds.      There is a reason behind losing a ton of weight this year. It is not only my New Years resolution this year to become more healthier but also it is my goal to get on Big Brother Canada for Season 8 as long as they renew the series and if it isn't an All-Stars season then I will be happily auditioning for the show again.  Also the fact I am now thinner then I have been, my knees was another problem I was struggling with and unable to audition knowing I may have a problem competing in the competitions which I have to be able to win at least some competitions not float my way to the end of the game. So are my goals as of right now and I am very serious and wanting to lose the weight and these are a great start to my new goals for 2019 and I know I can do em if I put my mind to it, I know I can set myself up for success.


Friday, February 15, 2019

Am I Excited For Everything About Reality TV's 10th Season?

            So am I excited for Everything About Reality TV's 10th Season starting tonight? Of course I am and I know you are tired of hearing me talk about the podcast but got so many tons of updates and stuff happening for the website this week as this week has been a very busy week for me to get things done. However I am really am excited to be at this point of the podcast where I am now at my 10th season of covering "Reality TV" and I am quite proud of myself for not giving up and continuing on for this length of time. If you remember this podcast started up almost 2.5 years ago on Audio ONLY but all together almost 3.5 and it is continuously growing constantly, each and every week from the different networks the podcast is on which is now counted at 12 different networks now which is overwhelming and I should start searching around to see if any other network picked it up. It still feels like this podcast just started it's journey and it has been only 2.5 years now so the podcast is fairly young still. I didn't think the 10th season would come this quickly but remember 3 - 4 seasons a year so the numbers do add up in the end. The next point I am going to make is that episode # 200 is coming up and very quickly and like I said on social media, there is no plans for anything special as I am already spoke to Justin, Dave and Larry and made it official that I would not be doing anything special for that and I want to do the important milestones like the 500th which we are far from coming. 

             Either way or, I am excited as two big things going to happen this season. I know I originally planned to do 2 Big Brother Canada Recaps a week but kind of backed out of the idea for this year, however as I was glancing over the number of downloads per episode as the number is extraordinary I have re considered and there will be 2 Big Brother Canada Recaps and the Survivor Recap which will equal 3 recaps a week! Since this is indeed the 10th Season and I know it is not the last season either, it is "Go Big or Go Home" Season for me. I am ready to push myself to the fullest and continue on growing this podcast. This is why I am adding the 2 Big Brother Recaps, mid week and late week as well.  Either way it will be an amazing 10th Season!