Thursday, August 22, 2019

Construction Here On Will Start This Fall!

                  This fall will be the start of a major re-development of the website. Date will come soon. It has been no secret that I have been wanting to redevelop the site and make some major changes to it and it is time for this change to actually happen. I did start the new menu bar which is what I am working on secretly behind the scenes earlier this year but was scrapped due to drop down menu not working and I think I do know the issue behind it and think it has to do with the CSS code. But come October/November when it is done and the testing phases are all done, I will be rolling out the new menu all together for you guys to see. It is hard to explain the exact plan for it as I find it hard to explain what the actual plan is but you will all see once it is done and operating. This is a very difficult project and I know I can do this if I put my mind to it. I had some success but the issue comes to the drop down portion of the build which I think it does have something to do with the CSS but will definitely do some research as I do not know much about coding a menu bar on a website as this is news to me actually and I doing this to learn something new and this is a learning curve for me. I honestly love learning something new actually and just to try something new out. I have my vision with the website changes that I want to make and I know exactly what I wanna do but its hard to put it from the head to paper or the website itself.

                  There is the plan but like I said it is hard to say it on here unless it is on paper and perhaps it is time I put it onto paper so it is in the plans and I know exactly how I want to re do the entire menu bar as right the website is using the generic built in menu bar but this one will be built entirely out of code and from scratch so please do be patient while were building it and testing every single part of it. We want to make sure everything works before we release the new menu bar. I rather have it working 150% then only 75% of the time. I will ask you guys if there is an issue with it to report it on either Twitter, Instagram or email here on the website if there is a problem with a screenshot if the issue. However do not do that right now but I will give you guys the word when to start reporting bugs and issues with the menu bar. I really am going to do my hardest to actually make sure the bugs are all gone and usually I am good about that and I promise to give you a quality product not half built nor half operational as that is not how I function. I give 100% all the time, everyday, 24/7, 365 days a year!


Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Power Rangers Collaboration Podcast Definitely On Hiatus!

               So as you know since the start of this month, end of this month, Power Rangers Collab Podcast went on Hiatus and this is more of an update on this situation. Right now it is a communication issue and I took the last few weeks to really think about it and I know their on holidays right now but I asked them and i mentioned this in the last post earlier this afternoon in the late afternoon. This isn't looking good for the future of the collab with him and yes I said him and you know who I am referring to but again not trying to start drama. I think for right now him and I need to fix the communication issues we are having before we continue on with the collab and if we have to I am all for waiting for till the New Year to record. It is all about priorities and right now it is about us getting our communication and any other issues fixed, then we can focus on the collab podcast. Do not worry I am not letting this podcast go anytime soon. I am announcing the extension of the hiatus for now and when we are ready we will definitely be recording here in the studio but we are waiting for right now. I rather get the friendship back on track then let this craziness continue where it is just un-repairable and I do not need this to go to far honestly and lose yet another friend which has happened a ton in the last couple of days. 

                If it is in the New Year then that is what it is but if it is decided that nothing can be fixed then I will be definitely be making the announcement that it is has been cancelled and that I am moving on from it all together. I cannot think about the negative side of it right now. What I am going to do is I am going to continue preparing things for the next one and get a head start on the next one for next year as well this way I am way ahead of myself and all we have to do is record the podcast, then I edit and post it obviously! Either way I have a strong to quite strong feeling that it isn't over yet and we promised that we would be going all the way to Dino Thunder which we will be moving on to whatever if we choose to keep this train rolling and I think we will as I know both Larry and I enjoy doing these even tho we get together for them twice a year which is a very fair schedule as I am quite the busy guy with the other podcast. This break will be good for us to put our differences aside and try and fix the communication issue then we will be talking about the next recording session and it will be all ready to go by that time which is good I am staying productive between now and then. So yes the Hiatus is definite right now, but I am sure it will not last very long.


Mental Health Has Not Been So Great Lately....

          I have to say today's post wasn't easy to come up with and I say starting at the blank canvas of the blog on the back side of the website trying to come up with what to write and it finally came to me I want to talk about my Mental Health recently. First of all I was going to do a food review but then I ate before leaving to go out to Pickering for the day so that food review was thrown out the window but will happen again in the very nearby future indeed next time we are out there, I promise to do that for sure! Now my mental health hasn't been great and it started at the end of July into early with a situation which I will not name any names but I asked them to leave a group I run and come back as I did something stupid and they did only half so I think that is when the stress started was from there. Then being blocked for no reason but really I do not care at this point what they do, I won't say anything to them from here on out and that is honestly my choice I can only make. Also I lost friends over the weekend which I did something I regret doing now and that is I scratched my hand open and haven't done that in months now and honestly I do not want to be doing this to myself ever again. I need to work on that and I am going to. I have been self talking myself out of it but for the most part it has worked but I need to add one more thing to ensure it doesn't happen again. Now I was suppose to volunteer at a Kar Show Friday but I started to feel overwhelmed and I made the decision to focus on my mental health right now.

              Today is a better day so far but every couple of days I seem to still have those moments and I just do not know why it's happening. Maybe I am just am just overwhelmed right now and I am letting it just get to me perhaps. I shouldn't but least I am now recognizing what is going on with me in my life and it has indeed helped me in the long run but still work to be done honestly. However the fact I am able to know what is going on with me is a big plus. I honestly think that there is too much going on for me right now from keeping up with blog posts, podcasts and some other stuff that involves this very website that has now been put up on hold for right now. I will be talking about it this evening on the blog here so do not worry but right now I have to figure things right now and it is all about me right now and focusing on myself which is now a priority right now.


Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Everything About Reality TV Podcast Updates and 2020 Plans!

              So both Billy and I may have overthought things with the Hell's Kitchen and that is why the announcement video disappeared and we are not doing it but never know Billy could come in to replace me if I needed to but I doubt it I am indeed here to stay on the podcast! Anyways 2020 I do have some plans in-stored for the podcast and excited to be expanding my horizons. What do I mean? Well come next year I will not be doing as many recaps as I normally do and stepping down from them to let someone else host it. However what shows will I remain covering? Here is the list of the shows I will be covering:

I, Chris will be covering on the Podcast:


Amazing Race

Amazing Race Canada 

                 Yes that is right I am going down to 3 shows which means I'd be podcasting twice a week at the most and it will ease down the stress levels for me. I will be talking about the audition video process and what you need to do for the audition later on. Right now I am still focused on the 11th season and with the 12th season beginning in nearly a month from now it is going to be an crazy transition from one season to another. There is obviously shows that are missing and I will get into it in a moment. I have been doing this podcast for nearly 4 years now and almost on it's 12th season which is a whirlwind of feelings for me to be this far into the podcast and it sure has been a long winding road for me to still be going strong even to this day, I have you guys to thank for that to keep on listening into the podcast on a weekly basis whether it is Survivor, Big Brother, Big Brother Canada, Amazing Race, Amazing Race Canada or Music City. Anyways here are the list of the shows that are going to be open for audition soon:

Recaps I Need To Fill:

- Big Brother Canada Season 8 & Big Brother 22 (I will be asking the host that is picked for BBCAN8 back for BB22 if they want to continue on with it.)

                 Finally this is a huge move for me and I am very excited to bring on someone new to the podcast but if I do not get any response for it then, I will be continuing on with the Big Brother Recaps but I will be definitely be looking for someone to take over and really working hard but I need to figure out the logistics behind as it is remaining Audio ONLY but more to come. When I say someone is taking over it, I mean completely! I will have nothing to do with those recaps. I will be primarily focusing on the podcasts I am doing above! Cannot wait to make this transition. It is change but good change! 


Monday, August 19, 2019

Punk Rock Cheeseburger Podcast...

             I never really spoke about this since towards the end of July but I have made an appearance on Punk Rock Cheese Burger Podcast which is ran and hosted by Rocky Bones which you can find him on Twitter @RockBones1 and Instagram RockyBonePRCB and yes giving him a shameless plug... haha! That is the purpose of this post actually and I wanna mention that every 2nd or 3rd week I will pop on and not sure when the next appearance will be whether it will be this week or the next and it all depends on my schedule too and this week is a busy week for me once again. Anyways the reason behind the podcast is talk about various topics from punk rock to cheeseburgers but anything can happen. The first episode I did was almost an hour long as we totally lost track of time and also the second time 25 - 30 minute but time don't matter and I really enjoyed myself and look forward to coming on again down the road. Usually the recordings are late nights and usually I am up late or get up around 11 if I fall asleep early. Anyways after we are finished we usually do an After Dark where we listen to tunes and chat about stuff and kick the chatroom around with the listeners. Obviously I am TheEM985 on Twitch and you can see me on there under that name in the chatroom quite often.

             You can find PRCB on Anchor, Google Podcasts and Spotify at these links: 




             As for my next appearance, like I said it will depend what he has planned this week.  Chico is another guest and I enjoy watching them on the podcast as well but go give em a listen, such a fun podcast to be on and it is nice to leave my troubles at the door and come on for the 25 - 30 minutes we record and then followed the "After Dark" which the reason it is called "After Dark" it is cause it is a late night stream so if you do not have anything to do or up late come and join us whether I am on or Chico or even a new host but come join the fun. The link for Twitch is and be sure to actually make an account which is free to sign up with and join us in the room! Finally please hit the follow button for more content on here on the right side and share this blog post with everyone as well and I will see you in the next post. 


Sunday, August 18, 2019

Oshawa Rib Fest and Food Review 2019

              Yesterday I went to the Oshawa Rib Fest 2019 which I haven't been to in several years as it use to be around the long weekend aka the Labor Day Weekend. However with this change recently it makes it easier for us to decide to go to the event. Now we originally were going to go to two different places but with the amount of food we had we decided to not go for it this time around and I will get right into it as I go forward with this post today. So we went to Pistol Petes for the ribs which is from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma USA. Now these ribs were not Pork ribs, these were actually Beef Ribs that we had. I admit it was my idea technically but was worth the idea. So like I said we were suppose to do two different places, however we ended up getting half a rack which was plenty enough for us to eat but we are going to change that next year and I will talk about it shortly.  Also on top of the half a rack we got a thing of beans on top of that. Now the ribs were tasty and fell apart as you bit into the ribs. Yes I know Beef ribs are more chewier then Pork ribs are but still very tasty. The sauce wasn't spicy and it almost had a bit of a sweet taste to it technically. Now I would definitely give the ribs a 5 out of 5 all day long. However the beans itself, I wasn't really keen on as I have never had beans with red peppers in it before. However the fact they also had kidney beans in it, still good, but it wasn't my favorite beans so I am going to be generous with this review an give it a 3 out of 5 as the beans were tender  and I liked the Kidney beans that were added into it.

                  After we ate we even grabbed a smoothie which was really good but it wasn't overly cool, not sure if they put in ice but it don't seem like it so again that would be a 3 out of 5 if I was to review it but it really isn't much of a review honestly. So we walked around after looked at what there was and there was entertainment which they were playing Elvis songs, "Jail House Rock" being one of them and also "Do You Love Me?" by the Contours originally and was featured on Dirty Dancing movie originally.  Also the Generals booth was also there as well probably promoting their upcoming season which I am going to be planning on several games this upcoming year. Overall the event was good however their was 2 more rib vendors 4 or 5 years ago then there was this year so I would give it a 4 out of 5 for the overall event and yes I am being quite generous actually.


Saturday, August 17, 2019

Different Platforms You Can Put The Podcast On

              This is one of my favorite posts to make within this series. So today's post we are going to talk about different platforms that your podcast can be on. Let's start with the basic platform where the source of your podcast come from. Mixcloud, Anchor, Libsync and the one my podcast "Everything About Reality TV" is on are all a good site but I recommend Anchor, Libsync and As you know the history of my podcast where it began to where it is to this very day it has changed forever rapidly fast and cannot believe how fast my podcasts grows and the more platforms you get on the more you will be noticed. Now it doesn't happen overnight but as you keep on producing more episodes the more the platform is getting noticed and trust me it took me more then 1 year to start being noticed. By 2018 is when things got on a roll for me finally. Yes I am referring to me covering Music City and Celebrity Big Brother which really helped grow the podcast even more. 

               Now the platforms I grew on from the main platforms were TuneIn which is a huge directory and no wonder it's grown rapidly on there since late 2016 when I added it to their directory which honestly was excited. Next on my list I expanded to Player FM, Castbox, ListenNotes, PodParadise, Google Podcasts, and also ITunes which came later as I wasn't sure on there. The second platform my podcast was on was called Stitcher which is another great platform and see a great amount of listeners as I check it this morning and more listeners then I had when I first started out on that platform back in 2016 which was the second platform I expanded to. Now those are some of the platforms my podcast is on I cannot remember them all but 13 to be exact I am currently on at the moment. However it takes time and I recommend to not rush expanding too fast I highly do recommend to take things slow at the start then slowly expect. Like the saying goes you can't rush greatness. Now video platform wise, if you want to put your podcast on YouTube I do not recommend it but if you want to with the adpocalypse and being demonetized then I respect your decision but you guys know my thoughts about the platform already. Now Twitch you can do a Talk Shows and Podcaster category and can stream it under there. There is also other platforms you can stream on as well but it would be too long of a post to actually list them all out but worth to even Google it.

                There are some of the platforms you can do you're podcasts and I have made a couple of recommendations but definitely highly recommend, Stitcher, ITunes, Player FM,, but again but still Google it and research the platforms is probably the best way to do it and you will be definitely surprised the ones that you can put it on as I just added mine to a 14th platform that I found. See eventually you will end up where I am being over over a dozen of platforms which can be very overwhelming but totally rewarding especially in the end to watch your podcast grow over the years. Now like I said in yesterday's post, I am now taking a couple of days off from this topic and will return Tuesday back to normal to finish off this series then with other topics the rest of the week. Tomorrow I have a special post as I will be on location with my dad for a food review at an event along with the event itself too.