Thursday, July 18, 2019

Dunkin Donuts Food Review

            On today's blog, I am going to review what I thought of the Dunkin Donuts... well donuts of course! First of all I am sorry about yesterday was primarily focused on the Podcast and trying to catch up so I would be able to go live tonight. Sometimes I need to sacrifice the blog to catch up and I know you guys will understand. Anyways I went to Dunkin Donuts somewhere in the state of New York I honestly have no bleeping clue where it was so I cannot really give you guys an answer but it was one of those stops on the side of the highway honestly. Anyways I ordered a honey dip donut. The first reaction of the donut was it was so soft, so fresh and the actual glaze wasn't a mess like any other one that I have had in the past or at anywhere. It was really good and I actually had a second donut from Dunkin Donuts later on like once I got to Boston and that was good too but gooey but still regardless sooo good!  Now I never have had Dunkin Donuts and this was my first time having it ever in my entire life! The second time I went to the Dunkin Donuts I had the exact same thing and pretty much still the same results like the first time I had Dunkin so pretty much I had nothing negative to say about it honestly.

               This trip I tried a bunch of new things that I never had before and there is nothing really wrong with that honestly. That is why I went on this trip to try some new things and this year is about me trying new things and I have definitely gone above and beyond on that and so far I think it went well minus two or three negative reviews I had and I will get into that on another post. Now for the rating of Dunkin Donuts is 5 of 5 all day long! Like I said before there is nothing remotely negative to say really. Loved it and if we go back down, I'd consider going back if I wanted a sweet treat and probably end up doing their Boston Cream which is one of my other favorite donuts and will definitely try that. Either way that was the second one I did as you know that I did Arby's first but I festered up and did this one first but it is coming probably by next week set of posts that are coming as I got a pile of food reviews which will be out every 2nd day. Either way I hope you enjoy it and let me know what you think of Dunkin Donuts? Leave your comment below in the comments! I will talk to you guys tomorrow with Days 3 & 4 for the Boston Trip.


Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Boston Trip- Days 1 & 2

              Here it is the official blog posts about the vacation. I know I did a post this morning announcing the podcast but decided to keep this post scheduled. Anyways every second day I will have a post about the trip with Food Reviews every other day till I have covered everything. So we left around 1040 am in the morning and on our way to Kingston with a stop for lunch, which I did a review on Arby's Crispy Chicken sandwich which will be coming up in the coming days, which is no particular order really as I was going to originally going to do that but either way you guys will get all the food reviews one way or another. So after lunch, we headed to the border which we had to go over the bridge which was the 1000 Islands which is beautiful. We finally arrived in the States and on our way throughout the State of New York. We actually stopped in a town called Little Falls, NY for the night. Room wasn't the greatest, the Air conditioning was loud and didn't sleep overly well that first night but it is what it is and the vacation finally started up. Not much more on the first day but traveling and being in the car all day long.

             Now onto Day 2, we were once again in the car again traveling into the state of Massachusetts an Boston which was our final destination for several days that we were staying in the State of Boston as we were there for 3 - 4 days before we headed back north of the border home. We pretty much were in the State of NY till we got to Massachusetts. Now we got to the hotel and we actually got Valet which  was the cheaper option and all we had to do really was call for the car and they would bring it around. Now the hotel, AC Hotels in Boston was a 5 star hotel and one of the best hotels I have ever stayed at honestly. I do not apparently have the images of the hotel unless it is on my phone or Instagram I'd have to check. Anyways the bathroom had a walk in shower which I have never used one in my life time and honestly the only time I probably will ever will the rest of my life so I sure got the luxury experience of a life time.  We had a heck of a time finding food but found this little Italian and Deli restaurant and I ordered a Ham sandwich which was good as that was one food review I did not do on the trip and I honestly got enough of em to cover anyways. The next trip post I do will be on Thursday here on the blog and cannot wait to continue it as tomorrow will be officially a food review from the trip.


Everything About Reality TV Podcast Schedule For This Week

              As you all know, I have been away on holidays and still catching up and tonight I just posted up the Amazing Race Canada 7 RECAP from last week but as you know tomorrow or today for those who are on the East Coast time like I am, then you know I not going to be around the studio tomorrow and more then likely will end up up till least 2 am trying to get the post for later done. Anyways this emergency post is the schedule for this week and how it will affect the post up times. I am for this week making some slight changes to the podcast and I will be announcing it on the podcast itself when I record in the morning. For right now, the schedule for the Podcast as follows:

Wednesday, July 17th, 2019: 

3 pm EDT: Big Brother 21 Week 2 RECAP (Audio ONLY)

6 pm EDT: Big Brother 21 Week 2 RECAP- (Premiered On YouTube)

10 pm EDT: Amazing Race Canada 7 RECAP (Audio ONLY)

Thursday, July 18th, 2019:

Tech Day In The Studio, Will be testing on YouTube W/ Larry in Studio. May go live on Instagram Live too To Get ready for the Live Podcast at 10:15 pm EST!

1015 pm EDT: Big Brother 21 Week 3 RECAP (Live On YouTube)

Friday, July 19th, 2019:

9 pm EDT: Big Brother 21 Week 3 RECAP (Audio ONLY)

               There is the schedule and if I can't sleep tonight, I will work and focus on the work load before a day of fun. If I sleep a few hours, there is sleeping in the car on the way up but I am going to make sure between now and 2 am to be in bed around 2 and up at 8 am to be ready to go. I will record but no editing till the next day technically but majority of the day I will be in studio recording and editing and is the reason I put Amazing Race Canada 7 at 10 pm EDT to ensure I am going to get it out one way or another. 


Monday, July 15, 2019

Everything About Reality TV Is Constantly Evolving!

           I know you are going to wonder where is the posts about my vacation away over the past week and I promise you tomorrow I will be getting into it as a lot has transpired over the weekend with the recent ban of my EARTVPod account on a certain website I rather not say which one but I always seem to get banned for the smallest things. Anyways this all happening made me realize I should of done things differently with the podcast instead of leaving, we should of just started a separate channel like I have now which mind you can find at and I am happy with this decision to come back and I should of not left. However I probably get more listeners now then I did before as the primary focus of the actual channel is recapping Reality TV Shows so now things will be looking up on the video side of things now. There is an another element I am adding to all this video platform craziness and that will be revealed at the start of 2020 on my annual Yearly plan for Chris B On The Web. I have already posted up one episode thus far and will be posting up another one maybe between now and Thursday night's Live Broadcast after BB21 airs never know and it may be a premiere with that new feature on YouTube. Everything About Reality TV Podcast is always evolving and the description of the podcast on any of the Audio ONLY or YouTube channel will tell you what the podcasts will be on but I will tell you guys here anyways and I know I have mentioned it before but here it is again:

Video (YouTube) & Audio ONLY:

Big Brother
Celebrity Big Brother
Big Brother Canada

Audio ONLY:

The Amazing Race
The Amazing Race Canada
Music City CMT

             There it is and never know, may add on other shows to the list and will be having an conversation with my Co-Founder of the Podcast on the idea but it will really depend if we both can have a collective agreement to do it. It would be another show on the Audio ONLY side of things as probably have more luck in the way of views. Either way this podcast is growing rapidly and won't be stopping anytime soon!  If things change over the next several days with the conversation I have with Larry then I will be doing a new post between in case so I will squeeze it in.


Sunday, July 14, 2019

Knowing When To Stop or Slow Down....

            I haven't done one of these advice posts in a while. Sometimes you need know when to stop and the example I have is that I have not stopped in 7 months now up to the point of me just feeling burnt out but not clue how on earth I manage to keep on going or manage to continue. The point is sometimes you need to take a step back and say stop. You need a break from things and that is my flaw is that I always have to be doing something that is my issue honestly. But sometimes you just gotta say no, that's enough, take a break from whatever you are doing, whether you are a YouTuber, Podcaster or Blogger at some point you sure as heck do need a mental break from things and just sit back and relax and just have time to yourself but with me I just refused to do that and wait till the last minute on things no wonder I am stressed the heck out 24-7. It seems that I end up procrastinating till the last second but the problem is I pile it on too much at a time so that doesn't help whatsoever and it is my fault entirely to not stopping. This can be a great example to you guys to sometimes stop and rest you're mind which you need from time to time. I mean you cannot go without a break it is just not healthy whatsoever.

            Now sometimes you need to just slow down and not over do it in a day. I do recommend to do a schedule this way you guys know what the heck you are doing each and everyday and to limit what you do but I understand you gotta get things done but I mean for example for me if it is a day for the podcast, then that is my main focus for the day. Recently been focusing on two different things at once recently tho with both this blog and getting the podcasts out before I go away on holidays so it was understandable while I was multi tasking but sometimes you just gotta slow down and take your time and actually take time to yourself as well. Either way I hope this sort of helps you if you feel stressed out and just do not know what to do is to slow down or just say stop if it is non work related and you will feel much better and I feel a ton better since getting back from holidays with my parents and raring to go once again. Final note is that starting tomorrow, I will be writing blog posts on the day of the post going up. Everything is going back to normal and a special announcement post tomorrow as well. 


Saturday, July 13, 2019

Was Transitioning From Podcasting To YouTube Easy?

              I probably never really spoke about this ever in the years I have been thinking about in the past few weeks honestly but the transition from YouTube was not easy as you know you guys were part of the entire transitioning stages and the entire rebuild of Chris B On The Web and It took me a long time to get my name out there and to become popular as it is to this day. First of all building the podcast from what I had on YouTube and rebuilding that audience I once had and it took me a long time. As you know I started with Mixcloud then the move to and the rest is history. I never thought in 3.5 years my podcast would be on 12 different platforms or networks this fast. I am the one that put it on Tunein, ITunes, Stitcher and Player FM but the rest, well the platforms just automatically added in the podcast which is great! The more added the better the podcast gets well known! 

                  Finally the website which had numerous issues over the years and the web builder I had had me shut down twice for no reason when I did abuse whatsoever so it was a red flag for me and as you know I made the move to here on blogger which definitely was the best move and I am now quite happy with this website the way it is but that was another headache and a half for me for a very long time. Either way once I got 1.5 year into all of this I managed to deal with it and able to get a good rhythm going minus a few times I was not on schedule from time to time but that has changed recently and honestly I am truly always on schedule 90% of the time with the odd times I am off schedule at times. It wasn't easy but glad I went through this transition from YouTube to Podcasting and no regrets whatsoever as I am enjoying podcasting.


Friday, July 12, 2019

CBOTW Gamers Podcast Will Return One Day???

             I know this has been an on going problem trying to get this podcast up and running and my nephew has approached me about even just being on as a guest to talk video games, however I have tried so many times to get it back up and running from taking over from another host and my nephew and I been talking about it but right now is not the right time as I have told him that it will have to wait and the reason I want to wait is 1 I want him to focus on school and 2 that I am quite busy with Everything About Reality TV and now is definitely not the right time to bring it back as the schedule just simply does not fit right now as from season to season it really is hard to tell if I can make the time at this moment but I am working on the details behind the scenes so I am getting there but I do not know how close I am to being ready. I may wait a several years as I have stated in the past that right now things are really hectic these days especially now with me part of again which means I am streaming Everything About Reality TV. I rather play things by ear day by day rather then making a commitment now then it failing down the road it is not worth it. I wanna invest in my time to make the podcast a very huge success honestly. This could become a every second week if this was to eventually happen, however not sure if you guys would tune into it.

               However I have other ideas I wanna to bring to the table in the way of other podcasts that would be more on a weekly basis so I am tolling with so many different ideas as I am now not sure this podcast would actually be doable now and I have tried to make this podcast work but cause of one person screwing things up I just it is better to just to put it on the shelf for good as it is just not going to work as its been tried, time and time again and I know I promised my nephew to actually do something but at this point I will have to have a sit down and tell him I have no plans to bring it back at this point. I think I should just do something completely new and like I said I do have new plans for down the road and it will be a nice change of pace I'm sure it will be another success one way or another.