Sunday, May 19, 2019

Planning To Do A Modded Minecraft Eventually!

           As you know, I have been quite absent from the game recently but not gone far from the gaming world when I do have the extra time as things are getting crazy for me right now. Now if you remember my ChrisBOnTheWeb channel on Twitch before it got banned, I did an entire playthrough almost but the point of me finding the end portal was off stream after I pretty well got trolled off by a 13 year old harassing me after being banned and coming back into the room under a new name but I did finish it off with the help of one of my Twitter followers which i honestly not sure if they are following me still but he helped me out after I found the actual portal that is when I asked for help and defeated the Ender Dragon first shot. Anyways I tried numerous types of mods and had some issues with it. However I think I am definitely on for trying one particular mod and that would be the space age mod... Now yes I have tried it and had some fun but ran into a couple of things and problems as I needed cactus to help build the things I need. I am totally unsure how to do certain things as there is some technical stuff that I have to figure out. I know what I need to do to get ready to take off but I have yet to build the rocket but definitely going to figure things out.

             When I plan on going back into Minecraft, I just do not know when I will get back into it I just cannot wait but the Space Age mod is the one I actually plan on doing. I have become quite familiar with the mod but I kind of drifted away from it and started playing games such as Rocket League, The Binding of Isaac and The Messenger are the games I have been playing when I have the time to play and once I finish up with that but yes I have been thinking about Minecraft but from a creative stand point, I just do not know if I really have the time right now but we will see. I need to have time to really play as right now Everything About Reality TV Podcast is taking over my life right now and I haven't yet stopped since end of February and still going on the 10th Season at the moment and not sure when the finale will be right now. Also add on the Power Rangers Podcast returning soon as I have hinted yea I do not think I have the time to do one right now. Also with the 11th season of Everything About Reality TV soon arriving it is going to be tough to make the time. However down the road when things settle down probably will get the chance to actually play more games but we will see definitely what my timetable we be like. 


Saturday, May 18, 2019

I Have Returned To

            I am back finally! I have been AFK most of the week dealing with the passing of my High School Teacher but I did post on Wednesday to let you guys know where I was and I know it wasn't a long post but this one will be a bit longer. I can say during this week, I got finished watching Power Rangers In Space finally and started or tried to start typing up the notes as something always seem to come up but it has started and will take a few days to actually write it then print it off and I need to make a run to Staples Tuesday before I go to my appointment to pick up two things, a second camera as they other one broke so fast and wish I never got it from Best Buy but I want to get one like the one I had before this kind I have now and also some ink as well as I am running off of color right now. I just will not have the time to go to Walmart so it is best I just go to Staples for this time around. Soon as I get back all hell breaks loose with CBOTW, making Staff changes and Billy is still with me, he's going nowhere. I just didn't needed to come back to staff drama when I am still dealing with loss right now and I was shaking really bad I started to throw things around the studio denting more of the wall in the studio. I just do no know if I want to continue on with the YouTube platform now with everything that has transpired today but i still got Larry and Steven as mods and I am sure I will end up getting more down the road especially. 

             So this weekend I want to primarily work on Power Rangers Podcast notes for In Space and get it typed up. I may just go to the Local Walmart or as Larry calls it the local Snowmart... LOL! I know I am trying to lighten the mood after the night I had last night. That is my main focus for the weekend is to finish up the notes and I think I will get out tomorrow and go to Staples as I didn't really sleep much last night. If I can I will definitely try to finish up the Power Rangers Podcast. There is not much more on my timetable minus having to the channel trailer for Everything About Reality TV's YouTube channel which probably done next week (this upcoming week) to introduce you guys to the channel if you are new to the channel especially. One thing I do have to say now since the notifications don't work half the time is to ring the notification bell or hit the notification bell so this way you guys are notified. I am so pumped to what is going to come next for CBOTW, website, podcasts and the blog as well!


Wednesday, May 15, 2019

I Miss You Guys! I've Not Been Myself...

           I felt like writing to you guys to say I miss you guys a lot. I haven't been myself lately. As you know my high school teacher has passed away and it's really affected me as he meant the world but I am going to do a post about him next week remembering him next week as right now I am not ready right now.  If I wrote it I know I will be pausing as I will tear up but that's ok, I'm mourning and this is why I have paused majority of the content that has gone out minus the podcast which will be out tomorrow as normally and I will be in bed at 11 pm no later and up early enough to record and start editing in the morning so I can get this out later but other then that no blog posts between today and Saturday and with Saturday being the first post back and I should be OK but I needed time off from some of the content. Some of the content, I cannot shift around the timetable for that but trying to stay on a normal regular schedule. What have I been up to for the last few days? Well I took the weekend and Monday off and yesterday started to work on Power Rangers In Space which I am so close and today more then likely I will be finished finally! Which means the announcement is more then likely coming to the blog and also to social media and what to expect. 

              I haven't been myself honestly with dealing with the passing of my teacher and kind of why I have been MIA from the blog and at times very, very quiet on social media.  I am still pretty much still around but not been active on the site too much like I would like to but I need to make my return and been fighting it to when I want to return and this is why I have made the decision to write a post to update you where I have been. Anyways I will be back again very soon and thank you for understanding and my next post is definitely coming on Saturday and again I miss you guys and we will chat soon but in the meantime please do take care and if you need to reach out, I am on Twitter/Instagram if you need me or wanna say hi, I am going to still continue to update throughout the next couple of days and working on the Power Rangers Podcast and what not.


Sunday, May 12, 2019

Everything About Reality TV Is Returning To YouTube For It's 11th Season!

           It is now official that Everything About Reality TV Podcast is returning with the recent broadcast on it's new official channel which is not connected to anything else like before as my old channel was a multi use channel which probably wasn't the right move originally but were back and stronger and bigger then ever. After almost 3 years of being away from video and the huge response on the Audio ONLY, I figured this is the right time to make the move and move back onto video. Don't worry I will still have the Audio ONLY so it will look like this:

Video and Audio ONLY Platforms:

- Survivor
- Big Brother
- Big Brother Canada
- Celebrity Big Brother

Audio ONLY Platforms:

- Amazing Race
- Amazing Race Canada
- Music City CMT

            So when is the podcast starting? It will be starting in June towards the end of June so the YouTube platform will be very quiet for now. It is unclear when Amazing Race is finished and it is too soon to know when it will be finished up as we are now in the 5th leg so next week we are at the half way marker of the season. So I will be covering Big Brother US 21 as of June but we're still focused on the current season of the Podcast but excited for the official return. There is still dates to be set for the podcast, preview podcast, dates the podcasts are on so I will have to make another post come June when I am ready to start giving dates. Finally I have kept the Big Brother Canada 7 Finale Recap up as it did really well with the viewership and looking forward to returning to this platform soon. 

Happy Mother's Day to my mom and all the mom's out there!


Saturday, May 11, 2019

Big Brother Canada Finale and What's Next For Me?

               Well with Big Brother Canada 7 finished for the season and it was one heck of a season and I know my picks were evicted but in the end I kind of figured it would be Dane and Anthony in the end and wasn't surprised that it was a 7 - 0 vote which is the 3rd unanimous vote in Big Brother here in North America. Who. First of all Dan from season 10 of Big Brother U.S 7 - 0 vote, Kevin from Big Brother Canada 3 and won the 5th season 9 - 0 and now Dane who won 7 - 0 vote this season. I was looking forward to this finale for the past few weeks and what an amazing night! I just didn't get to watch it with Larry but Dave joined us to watch the finale and then do the finale recap live on YouTube which I do have an announcement which is coming over the next couple of days. I made it clear with Dave if he doesn't go to the finale next year as I think more then likely there will be an 8th season of Big Brother Canada, he is more then welcome to actually come back for that next year as next year will be the 6th annual Finale Party... haha. Anyways, it was one of the best finales yet and I really enjoyed myself and I got something else to look forward to this week as well. 

                 What is that you may ask? Survivor Edge of Extinction Finale is this week and this one I am on my own for that one but for right now I am decompressing from the last 10 weeks as I have been so busy with the podcasts non stop I am taking some time off this weekend from any work but hopefully by Tuesday, I am going to be back working on things for Chris B On The Web in time but for right now I am decompressing hence why the social is a bit more quiet but I am still around and posting here and there with updates but I think over the next couple of days, I will be probably doing some gaming over the next couple of days and decompressing from a busy 10 weeks but don't worry I am still thinking about what is next on the list for the Podcast and Chris B On The Web and I know what is next but like I said I need some time off right now and that is my # 1 priority right now but not far off from returning to normal work schedule.


Friday, May 10, 2019

Making Some Progress With 2 Video Games!

          So it has been a while since I have made an update but I have been progressing well with The Binding of Isaac. I didn't actually finish a challenge or beat Satan but getting closer and closer and been practicing with Isaac and been trying challenges too as well but learning and using all my strategic moves on the game. However sometimes a curveball is being thrown but nothing I can handle honestly. I think something is going to give way soon where I am going to start going on a hot streak with the game. Right now I stand on 47% completed the game with all the items before getting to Platinum God but that is 53% more that I need to do and plan on working hard and grinding and hopefully one day very soon down the road I will get that hot streak going I am sure because right now I am in a drought with doing well but I've started to get all the way to mom aka the big boss fight but then end up dead but if I end up with Ipecac item then that is when I get on a roll.

            Now as for The Messenger, I have now passed or beaten the first boss fight which is a very proud moment honestly. I am nothing but so proud of that moment where I managed to beat the boss but I ended up stuck again but I know what to do so it does give me some sort of leg up in the game. I may be slow with the game at first but then again I can be a very fast learner. With this game I have noticed recently, that I do so well and a very long stride it then I am stuck so it is an on and off thing with it but I do fire up the game quite often to give a shot and try it out. The more I play both of these games, the better I become at the game. With Big Brother Canada 7 coming to a wrap in 2 days, I am sure I will have more time for video games but don't forget I have the menu bar to work on and the Power Rangers Podcast but I will always take some time to work on the games and have some down time which I haven't seen since December so it is long coming and I am going to make time for fun now that I will have extra time on my hands.


Thursday, May 9, 2019

First Ride On The M.S Chi-Cheemaun Ferry (Throwback Thursday Story)

           So this is very fitting being a week later after going on the Spring Cruise on the M.S Chi-Cheemaun and this was actually inspired while being on the ferry boat that day so that is where today's post came from. Anyways today's throwback story is my very first ride on the M.S Chi-Cheemaun Ferry. Now this is going way back like way back in the late 1990's into the 2000s when my dad and I made a trip up there for the very first time. Now back then Tobermory was different compare to now. The Seaview III was still operating and did even several years ago under Blue Heron Cruise Company which I found out by looking at the boat later on. So anyways, the night of us heading onto the boat and across the lake into Lake Huron was different and it was the first time getting up the next morning at 5 am to get down to the docks for 530 am in advance. Anyways those were the days when the Dockside Restaurant was still around. I remember my meal very well even to this day being 10 + years ago now and it was a western sandwich which had eggs, onion and ham in it and honestly I haven't had a western in a very long time. Of course I remember hanging out on the back deck of the boat and always has been our hangout place.

          Honestly I do miss the old days but we did find another restaurant to go to in the morning of the ferry boat even though we had a very bad experience there and waited till we got to Manitoulin Island which made me very, very crabby person all together. I do not know why the Dockside had to go but it is what it is I guess and have to just deal with it I guess and that is what we had to do but it will be a place for me to definitely remember. This feels like forever nearly 20 years of going up there with my dad and I am sure we will be up there again while he can still make the long trips like that as he will be 75 next year but age does not stop you whatsoever and I think either next year or the year after we are planning to do the Fall Cruise from Tobermory to Owen Sound but we never know what we are planning but it is not the last of us seeing the town of Tobermory, Ontario.